Emerging Priorities on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights



HAKI 4 ALL Children Toolkit Launch

When Covid 19 disrupted normal ways of doing things and physical meetings were no longer possible, there was a need to come up with innovative ways of engaging children on their rights and continue with child rights advocacy. That is when HAKI 4 ALL Children was developed by GMT as a learning tool to engage children on their rights both online and offline. HAKI 4 ALL Children is funded by Save the Children.


19th CSO Forum

The 19th CSO Forum will facilitate augmentation of skills on various child thematic areas such as addressing issues of conflicts as evidenced by Lake Chad, South Sudan and Mozambique unrests, how these affect children and their families and good practices in mitigating effects in such situations; issues of children’s justice with emphasis on children in conflict with the law; topical issues of children without parental care; early childhood development and its need to be a standard provision for all; child participation and learning good practices in child and youth involvement in policy discussions


Cross movement collaboration

The African Charter established the African Commission. This forum will be used to call for greater collaboration and cross movement solidarity by making an appeal to individuals and NGOs present to join the efforts of the CIAC.

Children and armed conflict: The effect of COVID-19 on conflict dynamics

The side event, which will be led by children, will assess the impact of COVID-19 on conflict dynamics in selected countries in conflict situations.

The child's right to play

The policy imperative for protecting and promoting the right of all children to play is not a matter of
“child’s play”; it is not a trivial matter to be taken lightly.

The Graca Machel Trust

The Haki Platform is a Child-friendly Online training platform that The Graça Machel Trust (GMT) has developed,

Children Without Parental Care

The event proposes to discuss the challenges of alternative family and community-based for Children without parental care especially on funding and coordination of services.

Mental Health in Emergencies (pandemics, conflict and other crises)

The impact of conflict and emergencies on children’s health – both physical and mental – is devastating.